What is the importance of implementing safety standards in industrial sectors?

MistcollectorIndia, a leading manufacturer of equipment for controlling industrial pollution, provides mist collectors which can be efficiently used in the industrial and commercial environment such as aircraft, machinery and tools, manufacturing process, and automobile industries. The working environment in the industrial and manufacturing environment is prone to dust and coolant mist which causes serious health issues to the employees working in such contaminated place. On constant exposure, the employees breathing such unclean, oil filled air are prone to issues such as respiratory problem, skin irritation, lungs infection and cancer too. The Government has warned industries to implement safety standards for the wellbeing of the workforce and the companies that neglect the warning will have to face dire consequences.

mist collectors manufacturers

Mist collector manufacturers – The best manufacturer of mist collectors in India

The Mist Collector Manufacturers have produced quality equipment which assures of it performance and efficiency. The filters used in the mist collector system are made from raw materials which are procured from certified vendors. These filters can work efficiently for a long time and do not require frequent replacement. It can be maintained and cleaned easily. The Mist Collector Manufacturers adopt electrostatic precipitation method which traps the dust and coolant mist in the filter. These droplets are ionised and passed through a drain pipe, thus releasing only clean and pure air into the environment.

Such highly sophisticated and comprehensive equipment by Mist Collector Manufacturers with high-quality filters has become the most popular choice among customers all over. It is the most cost effective product and can be used with ease. The Mist Collector Manufacturers provide equipment which can be installed easily and don not require an expert team to complete the installation process. The filters used by Mist Collector Manufacturers adopt an electrostatic technology, it does not consume more energy for its operation and the oil-based mist collector system is considered as a cost-effective filter system.

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What is the responsibility of companies over employees?

The responsibility of the industrial and manufacturing sector on their employees does not end with salary and other financial benefits; they are also responsible for providing a clean and a safe environment to their employees. The industrial and the manufacturing environment is prone to dust and contamination which affects the health of the workforce. On constant exposure to contamination, the workers suffer from skin irritation, breathing difficulties, respiratory problems and cancer too. Therefore it is essential to install equipment which can eliminate pollution and provide a safe workplace for the employees.

 mist collectors manufacturers

Mistcollectorindia provides equipment for a clean, green environment

The Mistcollectorindia has provided mist collector which is a boon to every industry. The Mist Collector sucks dust and other coolant mist through a mechanical component called the mist impinge. The mist and dust get collected in the filter in two-step filtration method. In the first step, the large droplet of mist gets collected and in the second filtration, small droplets get trapped. The Mist Collector adopts electrostatic precipitation method, in which the droplets that are trapped in the filter gets ionised and drained through the pipe and only the fresh, clean, breathable air is spread into the environment.

Such Mist Collector has been installed in every industry to provide the eco-friendly environment. The Government has been imposing strict rules to install mist collector and warned to take severe action on all those who do not implement safety standards. The Mist Collector by Mistcollectorindia is highly durable and reliable. It uses filters which are made from a high quality material which does not require replacement even after continuous usage for a long period of time. The filter used in the Mist Collector do not require much maintenance and it can be cleaned easily, however, constant cleaning of the filter will sustain its life for a considerable length of time. Mistcollectorindia provides uncompromising quality product and service which has won customers from all over.

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